Forest empower! Mushrooms picking  helps to overwhelm the stress! The break around the campfire is enchanted by its ambiance!

These unforgettable mushroom tours are available at Sipoonkorpi, Nuuksio and Luukki. A wildl herbs tour can be directed to the city park or outdoor area. Even a couple of thousands of customers have come to know the world of mushrooms and wild herbs. Customers feedback can be read on our website and on Tripadvisor.

Our guides have at least a mushroom advisor or wild herb advisor or a wilderness guide and have good experience of mushrooms and wild herbs, not to mention the forest berries. We take care of the safety of our customers, both for excursions and for food, with first aid and safety training and hygiene training. We also arrange the license training of mushrooms and wild herbs.

Ecommerce www.sieniretki / also sells pick-ups, such as visually impaired plastic screws, which are easy to clean.